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Ritz Carlton

Ritz Carlton 


About this project:

I’ve never stayed at a Ritz Carlton Reserve, but I did the next best thing: I co-directed an experiential video at CHRLX with Elliot Lim for the jet-setting, adventure-themed chain of high-end hotels. Between Elliot’s super smooth design direction and Nick Iluzada’s super original illustration style, this spot was off to a great start. Enter the animation team, a rag tag entourage of criminally talented vagabonds (I’m looking at you Harry Teitelman, Anne Calandre and Efrain Cintron), and we we’re off to the races. Elliot and I sealed the deal with faithfully smooth compositing and any day now we should be getting the call regarding our all-expenses-paid tour of all the hotels in the Reserve collection!

Production Company: CHRLX