Things found and things made by Ryan Dunn




About this project:

Holy crap this campaign was fun. From the outrageous agency brief to my unusual treatment (we made a “How to make a Jarritos Commercial” presentation), the stars were aligned on this one. Take any of the above spots and describe them out loud, then consider the fact that someone paid someone, who paid someone else, to make these things. Unreal. Huge props to Elliot Lim for adapting the character concepts into stupid-silly designs. Juan Doe made us all laugh with his hilarious storyboards. Taili Wu and her team crushed it on the set fabrication, and Noah Fowler helped to bring the look of these sets to life. Tony Tabtong was in full beast-mode with the keyframes. Ken Music and Eugen Sasu made everything even sillier. Hung Ma modeled the ever-living skin right off these skeletal delights. I’m so proud to have been a part of this team—and this campaign—and still share it with friends and family to this day.

Production Company: CHRLX