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Fios "Learn More"

Fios “Learn More” 


About this project:

I really do think that the work speaks for itself, but let me talk some more anyway. First of all, Rick Cohen is a mad man who let me be a little bit crazy with him too. Without his constant push from the agency side to be weird and memorable, I don’t think we would have found such a prolific spark. Our task was to create a bunch of animated flash cards that visualize the different benefits of upgrading your Fios to Quantum. Somehow this evolved into a giant cast of isometric characters, most of them recurring (like Granny), doing all sorts of wild and unexpected things. Our whole crew came together to bring these spots to life. Favorite moment? The Justin Beeper poster in the background of the Dinosaur & Robot spot.

Story Department Shout-Outs: Stephanie Davidson, Tory Sica, Jose Checa, and Danil Krivoruchko.

Production Company: CHRLX