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Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Cinnamon Toast Crunch 


About this project:

The only thing I love more than eating cereal in the morning is eating cereal in the morning and having a cereal commercial I made come on TV. For Cinnamon Toast Crunch, this magical occurrence has happened for seven different spots in a zany, impossible-not-to-watch campaign. There are too many talented humans who contributed to this to call out by name, but Armand Serrano and Tory Sica deserve a lot of credit for helping us bring the vision for these spots to the small screen. Matt Wilson and James Fisher played a huge part in making everything look so damn good. Taili Wu and Junko Shimizu completely nailed the fabrication of these sets, on multiple occasions. The rest of you know exactly who you are, and you know that you rock.

Production Company: CHRLX