Things found and things made by Ryan Dunn


b. 1986, HK.



I live in Litchfield Hills, CT, and work in New York City. Yes it’s quite a commute. And yes, it’s worth it.


Let me know if you want to discuss my process further. You can reach out at

About Me:

I’ve been working in the world of film and design since 1999, honing my craft with every project I complete. I strive to tell stories in everything I do, even if it’s spinning a phone, and I have the blessing (and curse) of directing and creative directing my own work. So I’m there from the first pitch call to the final conform, sorry guys.

My style is a mash-up of techniques. I love stop-motion and how it freezes time while simultaneously injecting so much movement to even the most mundane of moments.

I love playing with food, both at the dinner table and on-set. I’ve sunk tomatoes for Subway, peeled potatoes for McDonald’s, morphed burritos for Campbells, and sliced melons with tennis rackets for Grey Goose.

I love directing children because they are at least ten times better at pretending than any adult I’ve ever worked with. And they exude an innocence and purity that adulthood hasn’t had a chance to chip away at yet.

I’m currently running a team of around 20 creatives at CHRLX, acting as the studio’s ECD.

Since my career began I’ve been shooting, designing and animating commercials for clients like Nike, Verizon, McDonald’s, Budweiser, Subway and many more. I’m always searching for my El Dorado, whether that be the perfect tabletop spot or a timeless short film.