Grace Says “Hi, Rose.”

Yesterday, March 10, at 11:17am, my second daughter, Rose, was born. I think the best way to introduce her to you is through Grace’s eyes.

I will say that, at first, Grace was sad and confused. But then that sadness shifted to worry and concern for Rose’s well-being (she knew Rose from inside mommy’s tummy, and loved to hug and caress her there, so she will be a loving sister. This first encounter was just a little bittersweet for our former only-child).

Grace Meets Rose

Grace Meets Rose

Grace Meets Rose

Grace Meets Rose

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“Grace Says “Hi, Rose.””

  1. meg donohoe March 11, 2009 at 9:03 pm #

    congrats ryan!!!

    she is adorable! i hope all is well.


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